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Yamazushi offers Kaiseki-inspired multi-course dining, styled after the ancient Japanese tradition.

The word "kaiseki" originates from the Zen monks of the 16th century, who kept warm stones (seki) in their kimono fold (kai) to help them ward off hunger during their morning and afternoon prayers.

Originally, kaiseki was a very simple vegetarian meal served during a tea ceremony, but it has evolved into a very intricate and ornate culinary event that may include fish and meat. The dishes are cooked in order to enhance the flavors of the fresh ingredients that are selected by season. Small portions are brought in one at a time at carefully timed intervals.


Our Kaiseki-style course

menu changes seasonally.

We strived to use local fish and the freshest seasonal ingredients from the local farms.




For specific questions about our current menu or inquire about unique dietary requirements.

Currently, we are not offering a vegetarian option.

please email us at


Multi Course 

$150 per person

Sakezuke ( appetizer )

Otsukuri ( Sasshimi )

Agemono ( Fried dish)

HASSUN (Seasonal assortment)




YAKI MONO (Grilled dish)

Rice Dish

​        WAN MONO (Soup dish)

​         Dessert ( Wagashi )


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