Gift certificate


We are pleased to offer gift certificates

$50,$100 and $150 ( dinner ticket for

one guest)to be e-mailed  to you. 

Please send an email with your phone number at if you are interested.








​Premium Sake

Sakura Emaki  ​

This sake is often called Rose sake because it is made with an ancient heirloom purple rice varietal.

​The nose on this unique sake is a gentle collection of cherry, cocoa, and honey blossom aromas. Brewed in Akita, Japan  360 ml      $22

​     Yaegaki  Junmai

Yaegaki is a well-rounded, medium dry sake with a light acidity. Pairs well with cuisines from around the world

Proudly brewed in California 

​300 ml   $11

​Kuroki Glass Art Studio, Sake Glass

Imported from Miyazaki, Japan.  $35